Saturday, January 16, 2010


16 January 2010

The moment you open your eyes, you ask yourself: What have I done?

At 11:24pm of this month's 15th day, I was charged guilty against a crime of something I cannot perfectly describe. Everyone feels this way when searching for something that can bring simple happiness. Due to sadness, a laughter is enough to persuade your mind that it makes you light and easy; but in your core is a guilty rush that tears your heart, a friend is out there wandering to bring real joy.

We were taught in school that a principle exists and must be followed in communication: "Think - Say - Think". It is an effective way for a continuous flow of ideas. But just like a school, experiences teach us a guilt-free rule: "Think - DO - Think". It is an excellent way to avoid being charged and judged upon something we do but wish we did not.

Then, there are these sweet craps that you cannot resist. It is like the smell of fresh fruits in a box; taste it to believe it, but the seeds bring disappointment. Try to think of it, these seeds are the future, and you just need to learn how to deal with it and plant it in the right time. You are too hungry that you swallow the whole fruit you forgot the little craps at the center.

So be careful. The sweetness in doing what you want and what feels good... it may be the most bitter feeling inside. Deep within, you know it was not right and it will never be right. Control your emotions, the "frenzy" won't really last even for a minute or so. Learn to be patient, these seeds may be unworthy this time, but in the long run, they are precious.

Before doing something, think of the guilt-free rule. Close your eyes and make sure you open it feeling really happy and contented. Take things slowly but surely.

His Western Haven